Kimberly Rice-Cofield (formerly known as Kimberly Rice) is a Detroit native who has been rapping since childhood, but began Christian Rap at the age of 19. She is a graduate of Wayne State University with Degrees in Media Arts and Studies and an M.A. in Communication. She’s a wife, Minister, preacher, filmmaker, rapper, singer, praise dancer, actress, model, business owner and producer. She owns clothing lines, I Love My HAIRitage, and KimberLove, and also is the owner of Praise His Name Productions. She desires to reach this generation in new ways as God opens up doors for she and her Husband Calvin Cofield, as she feels called for a time such as this. She has done served in youth ministry for over ten years and has also served in mission and ministries nationally and internationally. This is just the beginning. Glory to God! ♥️


Calvin Cofield, CEO of Calvin’s World Productions LLC established in 2014, was born and raised in Detroit, MI. He’s a minister, entrepreneur, artist, writer, music producer, videographer, film director and fashion designer. He wrote his first song during his early childhood when Essie, his mother's hair designer who also inspired him, passed away. Later, he spent time writing and battle-rapping with his brother. "But I never really took music serious until high school," Calvin explains.


Fast forward, in high school, while free-styling with other rappers, they wanted him to feature on their tracks. At the time, he was smoking, drinking, partying, gambling and selling drugs. His life was soon changed in January 2006 when he had an encounter with the Lord and began his Directed P.A.T.H. (People Anointed Through Him), which is the name of his clothing line and album which was released on his birthday, January 12, 2018.

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South Florida's Jbez featured on the cover of #MusicLov3rz Magazine October edition!

Born and raised in Chicago, currently in South Florida, Jbez was once a lost teenager, trying to figure himself and the world out.

He thought that the answer was in worldly things like drugs, gangs, robbing people, and the list goes on. 

He realized his life needed to change. The Lord gave him a second chance at life, and he began making a difference in the world.

Coming from the streets, he has a real heart for the youth who are in the same position he was in as a teen, showing them that the only answer is the Lord, who saved his soul from hell and the grave.

Jbez is no stranger in South Florida. He is a TV Host, Radio Host, Event Planner, Event Host, and so much more. He ministers the Good Word and mentors many who are coming to serve Him.

He is an inspirational leader who is led by the Lord to make real change in the world. That change is coming about in the Christian Hip-Hop scene all throughout Florida. His vision and purpose is HUGE and we know his destiny will be fulfilled through all that he is doing.

He also does featured LIVE interviews at events with his team at CHH Promotions. You can find interviews with all of the big names in CHH on his YouTube channel.

He is also known as the #chhninja on social media, as the Lord has put it on Jbez's heart to rep Christian Hip-Hop on NBC's American Ninja Warrior.

When the Lord gives you purpose and transforms your life as he has Jbez's, the result is that the rest of the world will follow suit. The answer is in the Word of God, and that is the only thing that can turn a bad life situation into a happy ending full of purpose and direction.

After being a part of a group, performing on television and various venues, he got a word from the Lord that it was time for him to give his all to Him by going solo.

Jbez plans to release his album "Da Pavement" in December 2019, with a few singles from the album being released in the meantime.


You can learn all about Jbez, catch his full story and our exclusive interview in October's magazine.


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We Are The Wave Compilation Album was an idea that I had about two years ago. I had the idea but I didn’t really have the means nor the resources to do it. I was new to networking in CHH and I didn’t have any artists to do the project with. Last year we added a couple new artists and that’s when I realized this project as possible. It’s basically an introduction to New Wave Music Group. Also to encourage the youth to let them know they don’t have to be what society tells them to be. They can forge their own path and do something bigger than themselves. I started New Wave to give the average local artist a voice. It’s a diverse team from all over the World. Tairrans my mentor lives in Nashville but was raised in California. I was born in Nigeria but grew up in Nashville. Loic Beatz was born in Ivory Coast and raised in Paris. Jay-Tee was born in Texas but raised In Lincoln. Beau is a d1 athlete that wrestled for Nebraska. Christ-Style grew up in Louisiana. This project is multi genre so no matter what your music preference is, you can get into it. Whether you’re on a road trip and just cruising or you’re in the gym crushing it. We made this project for everyone, believers and none believers alike. I was just a kid that thought gang banging was the way to live but Jesus has another plan for me. I have mentors that help me through this journey called life! This project is the heartbeat of New Wave Music Group! This is a welcome letter like Paul wrote to the churches. It’s for the struggling believers out there who are new to the faith. It’s also for the atheists out there who are confused and looking for proof of God. It’s for the kid who believes the lies that secular music sells them with the American dream. It’s for the couple going through a divorce. Even the kid that is dealing with abuse or neglect. I have dealt with all these things, and I have been where you’re at. Be strong for we are more than conquerors. I’m 22 years old as I write this to you. Have faith in God for he is our source of strength. This project is just an introduction there’s more to come. Music Lovers I hope you’re ready to join the wave! God bless!

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Wally Ramirez is a singer/songwriter from El Paso Texas.


He has performed with Christian artists such as Roberto Orellana, Chris Gonzalez, CeCe Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Joann Rosario, and SAUL A.D. Passion and love for Jesus Christ is uniquely expressed by Wally through each song and personal testimony. He has pastored two churches and has served in church ministry for over twenty years. His debut album REACH, produced by Riley Friesen (Staggerford & VOTA) and co-produced by Philip Zach (Remedy Drive - Arrows & Sounds) has been compared to the genres of The Fray, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and Chris Tomlin on storefronts such as iTunes and Amazon.



Wally is the founder of REACH, a bilingual modern praise and worship music ministry based in the Southwest. REACH strives to be a refreshing support to as many pastors and church leaders as possible understanding very well through experience what it’s like to be in their position. REACH also supports international and community missionaries who work to spread the name of Jesus. Most importantly, its ministry purpose is to impact all people regardless of age, gender, nationality, or background through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wally currently resides in the Southwest with his wife and 3 children.


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